Sweet & Sour Mock Fish

1 small yellow capsicum (cut into 2cm square)

1 small red capsicum (cut into 2cm square)

1 red / yellow onion

1 tomato (cut ½ and ½)

½ cucumber (cut into small triangle)

Some chopped garlic

1 Red / yellow onion (cut into 2cm square)

1 packet of Mock fish

3-5 tablespoons of oil

Sauce :

–       3-4 tablespoon of Tomato sauce

–       2 tablespoons of Vegetarian oyster sauce

–      Dash of pepper

–       1 tablespoon of cornstarch + some water (to thicken the sauce)

Put about 2-3 tablespoon of oil to pan fry the fish, once 1 side is a bit brown, turn over to the other side, when both side are browned, remove from pan and put aside.

In the same pan, add a bit more oil to Saute/stir fry onion and garlic until fragrant or until onion is  a bit soft.    Add cucumber, yellow and red capsicum. Add the oyster sauce, tomato sauce and peppers, Continue to stir fry the vegetables till a bit soft not too long so that it doesn’t over cooked.  Then stir in the cornstarch water to make the sauce thick.  Once the sauce is consistent and thicken, add in the cooked fish, mix it well with the sauce before removing it from pan and serve.


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